X – Games Minneapolis 2018



Aussies Hayley Wilson, Kat Williams, Poppy Starr & Sabre Norris were all invited to skate the X-Games in Minneapolis. Sabre Norris placed 2nd in the women’s park event, with Poppy not far behind in 5th. Hayley Wilson JUST missing out on the finals cut in the street event, placing 7th overall. Love seeing all our Aussies progress so rapidly on the international scale, and excited for more to come. Pics below…

Pamela Rosa Skateboarder

Pamela Rosa – Back Lip – Photo: Esther Godoy

Leticia Bufoni - Skateboarder

Leticia Bufoni – Front Feeble – Photo: Esther Godoy

Jenn Soto – Front Blunt – Photo: Esther Godoy


Pamela rosa – Front Lip – Photo: Esther Godoy

Poppy Starr Olsen Skateboarder

Poppy Starr – Front Smith – Photo: Esther Godoy

Kat Williams & Hayley Wilson Skateboarders

Hayley Wilson & Kat Williams