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Daughters of Doom 2016 gave me the opportunity to meet some of the Thrusher crew/ladies. After already low key stalking them on insta I was hyped to meet the ladies who were behind such an awesome skate crew. Thrusher hooked me up with some dope stickers that I slapped straight on my board and from then I’ve been getting questions from skater and non skaters about them (Thrusher). So I thought why not have a chat and fill you all in on the wonderful world of Thrusher.

QUESTIONS: @katwilliams1989
ANSWERS: @_thrusher_

Let’s start from the beginning for those who don’t know, what is Thrusher and how did Thrusher come about?

STASS- We are a female focused skate crew from Melbourne. We catch up once or twice a week at different parks and spots throughout Melbourne for a skate. Thrusher was made to support women in skating and create a good environment for learning. It grew from a New Years Eve party where Alana mentioned she had a board but no one to skate with. So I said I would join her. We started an instagram, and more and more women started showing up.

What were some of the other name ideas for your ladies crew?

STASS- There was the Good Time Skate Club thrown around for a while, as my husband has the good time music club, and the good time tattoo club, so we were thinking that might be a more wholesome alternative. Then we decided Thrusher is more true to who we are. I have come up with a bunch more skate/lady part puns since, that we will hold on to for a later date.


Who is involved and who is running this epic ladies crew atm?

STASS- It grows every week. We have a facebook chat group on the go, where people shout out for skate mates if they’re heading to a park and that’s got a fair few people on there now. We generally have between 8-15 folks each week. It’s become a community now, and that’s pretty exciting. Alana and I do the behind the scenes stuff, but the awesome folks we skate with keep the momentum.

Have you noticed any benefits from skateboarding?

STASS- Having so many amazing people around is the best for me, but realizing my body can do this stuff is freaking sweet. Granted my ollies are abysmal, but I couldn’t even stand on a skateboard this time last year, let alone jump. It’s just great knowing an old dog can learn new tricks. Doing exercise without having to go to a gym is pretty sweet. Above all, it’s the community for me though.

ALANA- Just meeting super rad people has been the major benefit for me. Feeling part of a little but ever-growing community is amazing.

Thrusher Skate Crew

How do you feel skateboarding has changed your life?

STASS- I get out more and check the weather heaps more. I hate to sound like I’m harping on about it, but it really is the community that we are now a part of. We have formed relationships with people on the other side of the world through this and meeting great people like yourself. It’s the best.

ALANA- I have really loved having something outside of being a mum to a 2 year old, who I might add I will be teaching to skate so I can drag him along to skateparks! I have met some awesome people who have made me feel I can accomplish anything. There are a lot of positive vibes at Thrusher meets!

It’s been really cool watching your crew grow and meeting you guys at the recent DOD. Did you realise when starting this that you would have such a impact and grow so fast?

STASS- Not at all. We knew this is something that would be good if people were keen. Honestly, I have so much respect for the people that rock up, not knowing anyone. It must be so nerve racking. We are pretty driven to do all we can to support women’s skateboarding and everything that involves, so there are exciting ideas on the horizon.

ALANA- No way! We thought maybe a few more of our friends would come along but I didn’t imagine people would be driving from towns aaaages away to come and skate with us! that’s been awesome.


It’s really exciting times in female skateboarding at the moment, I think the ladies are starting to take charge of the way they want female skateboarding to be and how they want it to grow. How would you guys like to see female skateboarding develop in the next 5 years?

STASS- I would like to see skate companies supporting it more. I work in the industry, and while there is support there, it’s still on a superficial level. Women should be supported to the same level as male skaters. Whether you are for or against skating in the Olympics, it will help create more equality in the “sport”. It’s great seeing young female skaters having role models like Lacey Baker and such, that alone is invaluable in making it a viable dream for young female skaters.

ALANA- Pretty much what Stass said!

You guys have also just started making product and have an awesome website. Was there a game plan or you just letting it do thing and grow naturally?

STASS- It just grew from what we were doing. We also kind of wanted t-shirts for ourselves and people were asking for them, so we figured we would start making stuff. It’s a fun thing to do, and we have ideas for a bunch more stuff to come.

Any advice to the ladies who want get their own female skate thing going in their town?

STASS- Just do it, there’s a bunch of amazing folks out there that will get involved.

ALANA- Put a call out to your mates! Even just having one other person with you can make that first roll on a skateboard just a little less terrifying. Start out in local empty carparks and go from there!

Thanks a lot ladies can’t wait to see what the future holds for Thrusher :)

If you want to support, join, help out hit them up on They also have a bunch of awesome tees, patches and stubby coolers.