Kats Corner


I met Mimi Knoop years ago on my first ever trip to America. My best friend Rhi and I somehow managed to find ourselves hanging out with the ladies on some random tour. I was a lot younger, drunker and way more annoying then. She is one of the most influential women helping push the female skating boarding at the moment. When I got an email from her randomly out of the blue letting me know that ESPN would be sending me a email the following day to let me know I was invited to go skate at Xgames I was incredibly shocked and so excited. I grew up watching the Xgames. I love all of skateboarding I love going on trips, filming, skateparks, street and competitions so Xgames was always a goal of mine.


It was all pretty quick I booked my flights and was of a month later. I knew what jet lag is like from a few USA adventures already so I thought what better way to deal with it then fly up to New York and hang out with Lacy for 5 days before Minneapolis. It was amazing, New York is something else. I have been there before but this trip was different I love that city. Lacy was filming for Nike with Tyler so everyday we just went out street skating.Getting the subway everywhere, eating food, drinking coffee, getting tattoos it really was a incredible way to start this trip.





img_3397I hadn’t been to Minneapolis before and I soon realised two things. The people are insanely friendly and I have never seen a cleaner city. There is no rubbish anywhere. First day we go check in at the insane almost billion-dollar stadium. It’s safe to say I was overwhelmed and way too excited. It was crazy, the course looked incredible the athletes lounge was amazing. It was everything I was expecting plus so much more. We had two days of practice and everything was feeling good I had my run, worked out I felt as confident as I could skating against some of the best in the world. There’s something so special about female street skateboarding we’re all homies. We all hang out, laugh, chill, skate together, everyone’s there for the same reason to try to win but it just feels like a big family.


The day of the Qualifiers was awesome, so much fun. My warm up was feeling good, then as soon as it came crunch time my legs were cold, they went to jelly I just couldn’t stay on my board. Seeing your face on a mega screen is a weird experience. It didn’t go as plan but I don’t regret anything. I honestly had one of the best weeks of my life and I wont ever forget that experience. In my second run I stacked my first trick and my third. I knew the rest of my run wasn’t going to be enough to qualify so I thought fuck it. I had been thinking about nollie tre down the stairs it was a big set but nice and long and I knew I had this trick constantly enough to land it. Didn’t work out but felt close. When the comp ended I just wanted to land it. So I had another shot didn’t flip right. Letica was like “dude this shot $100” sounded good to me, I was going to try one more anyway. It flipped well at first but I didn’t pop it right it just fell from my feet and over flipped. I landed and went straight onto my bad arm that I destroyed at the start of the year. I was wearing my wrist brace with a metal rod but I landed so hard I managed to explode and bent the whole thing. I was in pain but honestly everytime I fall on that arm it hurts so I iced it and decided to head down to medical. That’s when I heard Hayley had made it into the finals I was so hyped, Hayley is such a rad human and her skating speaks for its self. To qualify at 15 and then skate against the best in the world, she is going to do great things. I just want to say how well Xgames look after us. Amazing food and drinks everywhere, massages and sports docs on hand at anytime, there’s all these free things that are there for us. Medical had an X-ray machine so they said let’s just check it out and make sure my metal plates are all in the right spots. They where fine but I managed to fracture my wrist so they put me in a half cast gave me a copy of my X-rays and said about 4 weeks and you’ll be good to go. You know sometimes life doesn’t go to plan, I didn’t plan to have to fracture my wrist, but I also achieved one of my longest dreams to skate at the Xgames. I did it and had one of the best weeks of my entire life.



Photo: @zoraholivia / @kats_nine_lives