Kats Corner


Skateboarding is a personal mission each and every day its a endless game of improvement. For me, it comes in waves, some days I love it and have so much fun and some days I hate it and it drives me literally insane. The frustration that come with being so unbelievably over attempting something and not being able to do it is countered the desire to land whatever it is I am trying. Having a good skate is dependent on so many things but mainly it is mentality and not enjoying skating makes satisfaction nearly impossible. My mentality towards skating changes constantly but sometimes all it takes is a simple roll to the shops for the love to come back and when I am loving skating then nothing can stop the laughs and enjoyment that follow landing a trick or having a good session.

Before embarking on this latest trip I was struggling to enjoy skating and wasn’t finding it fun anymore. Recent injuries were preventing my full presents and work was consuming allot of my time and energy. With this looming over my head as I left for America I wasn’t as excited as I would have normal been. This all changed as soon I was out shredding with all the ladies in Seattle sometimes its just having a session with ladies makes all the difference. I love skating with guys but theres something different with the ladies they just totally get it.



I’ve been to America a few times now including a couple 6 month stints. Being 4 years since I last ventured over there I was keen to see all the girls and shred all the awesome parks. The first stop was Seattle for the Wheels of Fortune competition. Women from all over the globe came to Seattle for the competition and related activities. Esther and Haley also came along, so I had some Aussie homies to hang with. This was by far the most female shredders I have ever seen in one place and the atmosphere was full on but awesome. The level of female skating was really high and I met some truly amazing people and got to shred with some really diversely talented skaters.


What is happening within the female skateboarding industry is so exciting at the moment and this competition is a clear example of how far it has come and gives a glimpse into the future of what is in store for female skaters. I heard numerous times throughout the competition that people were comparing it to a female version of Tampa Am. For so long now it has been a struggle for females within the industry to be able to progress at higher levels. People have said that there just isn’t a market for female skateboarding but Wheels of Fortune is a clear example of just how backwards this thinking is. Wheels of Fortune is a competition that has been created by skaters for skaters and this generated a time and place for girls to show off their skills and witness some of best female skaters of the world while being supported and encouraged. The ladies are doing it, if theres no market in the industry then well just make are own and thats exactly whats happening.



A massive shout out to Kristen and Stevie and all the people behind the scenes people that made this amazing competition a possibility

I encourage any girl skater to find a way to make it possible to travel and experience these events because things are changing for the better and you don’t want to miss out of meeting the girls who are shredding now and who are apart of these events. I loved every aspect of Wheels of Fortune and want all the little Aussie shredders to be able to participate in these types of things.
Ok, more about my trip. After the competition I took some chill days in Seattle catching up with friends and taking in the beauty Seattle has. One important aspect I believe of skate trips is taking advantage of your location and experience the culture and sites each city has to offer.
13389329_10154245396696103_1199023982_oAfter a little relaxation and seeing all the beautiful people and places of Seattle I headed down to LA. I always get mixed opinions of LA but personally I love it. There are skate spots everywhere and everyone is super nice. Skate parks are plentiful and the weather is perfect everyday. I went out on some filming missions with the @dontquiteyourdayjob ladies and through this I really got to know some of the girls and got to skate some awesome spots. I love how skateboarding opens up so many opportunities for me to meet awesome new friends from all across the world. One of the best bonuses for sure. LA was filled with awesome friends, skating and alot of pizza.
Thank you to everyone who let me crash at their houses, showed me around and skated with me, you’re all the best, see you again soon.