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I’m Sitting in the quantas club in Melbourne business lounge with Hayley Wilson waiting for our flights to Paris. I always love the feeling at the airport befor a big trip. It’s so exciting not knowing how things will go, not knowing all the people we’ll get to met and the experience that are ahead of us. I still laugh that we get to travel around the world because of a piece of wood and some wheels. It all started because of fun and that’s how it should alway remain. Something that makes me so happy can create so many opportunities. People ask me a lot how I’m so lucky how I get to travel so much so here it is the secret…..
Just say YES. It’s that simple. Decide what you want to do, where you want to go and go. Work your ass of, network, met people, take a loan what ever takes. Say yes to opitunities and create your own. Everything I have ever done even things and experiences I have hated doing or I felt they were weird has opened up so many doors through people I’ve met.
People like to tell me I’m so lucky. I hate that it’s not luck at all it’s hard work and a open mind. Anyone can do anything if you want it bad enough.


The trip to Paris was incredible. Massive thanks to Hayleys parents and Hayley for helping organise this trip and make it possible for me and Hayley to go see this incredible part or Europe. It won’t be a trip I will be forgetting that’s for sure.

Before embarking on this journey it was about two weeks knowledge and it all happens so fast it was a case of fuck it let’s do this and I’m so glad we did. People alway have there own perceptions of country’s based of their own experience and story’s of others experience. I alway try keep an open mind. From what everyone was saying it would be best to learn some French I gave it a good crack but with two weeks it was just the bare minimum.
But it was enough to get by and we didn’t run into any situations that really needed more. Everyone was so nice and helpful it really made for a good time.

The first day we where there I managed to leave my arm brace in the back of the uber. Now it wasn’t my phone or passport but I can’t skate with out it I was bummed. We messaged the uber drive but not much else could be done. I borrowed a wrist gard from the skate park but I was scary as skating without it and I couldn’t skate with the fear of landing on my arm. Somtimes when your traveling things will go wrong it’s just what happends so I tried to get over it and was going to try find a shop to get one in the morning. We finished skating and ordered the uber to get home and it was he same guy it was crazy I was so happy and everything worked out sweet this is pritty much how the rest of the trip went. Skating, eating, seeing the sites relaxing it was all so perfect. The Far n High contest is one of the best organised events I have ever been to. Everyone was so nice there’s something incredible about having a large amount of people on a area doing what they love. Meting and hangout out with all the ladies is always a pleasure Eropiean girls charge the level of skating was mind blowing. Congrats to all the ladies.



Now traveling alone with a 15 year old can be a scary thought. If anything happens it’s on you. But Hayley was amazing she really is a incredible human on an of her board I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her I know it will be big things.

So to my new annoying little sister thanks for the adventure can’t wait to do it again.










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