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China Skateboarding

Oh man where do I even start?… A China skate trip followed by an adventure all over South East Asia.

This was my third trip to China for a skate tour, every time has been such a different experience. Arrow Wheels, the company, dropped a week before we left and the China team was super excited to try out the new wheels. The Arrow team members that came along on this trip consisted of: Jake Duncombe, Dean Parsons, Rob Pace, Ryder Lawson, Jay Runciman, Andy Walker, myself and of course Andre behind the lense and Sura behind the camera. It’s safe to say that with this group of guys I saw some crazy shit go down.

Skateboarding in China - Arrow Wheels

This trip was super fun, often on skate trips, I can put pressure on myself to film tricks, during this trip though I felt super relaxed and had a good time all around. Even though it was crazy hot we skated everyday just because the spots are that good. You start to get a routine going wake up, food, coffee get in a van hit spots all day then sun goes down dinner chill and bed its a pretty good life.


Tours are challenging at times, you’re sore, tired, ridiculously dirty and sometimes you can just be over it. Despite this, when you get to a spot it none of that matters anymore.


Either watching people land tricks that just gets you hyped or getting that feeling of landing a trick after a battle, it’s all so worth it. The boys were all super welcoming and there wasn’t the feeling of like shit I’m on a trip with a bunch of dudes. Jake was also killing it at DJ and there was a lot of Katy, Miley and Iggy all up in the mix.


Dean just turned pro for élan and walker had got a life size print made up of him holding his pro board. We set it up in the hotel room and watching his face when he walked in and released what was going on was awesome. He deservers it, I’ve never met a guy who works so hard and keeps killing it on the regs.


The people I’ve meet on tours are always incredible and this trip was no exception. I’ve been to China that often, that I no longer feel the culture shock anymore, just certain realisations.


During the first 30 minutes of our trip in China, we drove past a car accident where a man had passed away and was just lying in the middle of the road, it was a pretty heavy way to start a trip. After that everything else was such an incredible experience and I feel super blessed that I was able to have this opportunity.


It was insane, humbling, inspiring, exhausting and painful! But that’s everything you could ever want from a trip! After the tour the boys flew home and my girlfriend flew in. We spent the next month and a half cruising through China, Vietnam and Cambodia together and had a amazing time.


Went on ever mode of transport you could imagine, slept in the grossest of hotel rooms, the nicest of hotel rooms even spent a night on the street in hanoi – wasn’t the funnest of experiences. That night definitely opened my eyes a lot though, my coffee tasted better the next day and I was grateful for everything I have  and am able to do.


Given that we don’t really get to have chill days or tourist days on skate trips, it was nice to finally be on a holiday. When I was in Vietnam got to go skating with my homie Danh a bunch and it was so much fun just skating and filming with her.

I did something to my ankle on the last day and wasn’t really very good for the rest of the trip, still managed to get a few more skates in though. Also got to have a few crazy party nights which is always fun.

We did a few home stays out in local villages and these were definitely my favourite experience.

Traveling overseas is incredible! It continues to opens my eyes to other cultures and different ways of living. It’s quite inspiring and never fails to remind me how insanely blessed I am to live in Australia and to be able to do the things I do.


Thank you skateboarding.


Check out the Arrow China video below!