Daughters of Doom

Ava Godfrey Girl Skateboarder

Daughters of Doom #2 was held at Slam Factory on Saturday 6th June 2015. Ladies from all over the country travelled to New South Wales to battle it out for over $1000 in cash and prizes. The event was one of Girl Skate Australia’s most exciting yet! An array of new faces from all over the country trickled in to Slam Factory early in the am, the energy was abuzz, the whole placed filled with ladies shredding the course. The best part about our yearly event is catching up with old friends and meeting so many new ones year after year. The new generation being welcomed with open arms is always a lovely site to see.

HUGE congratulations go out to young Hayley Wilson and Ava Godfrey who took first 1st place in their respective divisions, we were so impressed with the level of skateboarding from the youngins’ and can’t wait to see how they progress over the years to come. Shout outs also go out to the She Shreds Tasmania crew who are doing epic things for the ladies down South, it was awesome to meet you guys and we can’t wait to come down and visit! Kat Williams skated like a true boss, year after year she continually steps up the game and raises to bar. Nicky Carlin got wild hucking herself off of the euro gap platform to flat and busting out a boardy down the big rail ! Taylor Buchan trekked all the way up from Melbourne on the train and skated like an absolute champ and local lass Kelly Annear cruised the course with much style and prowess. Liv and Chloe Andrew proved they’ll be a true force to reckon with over the years to come whilst young Ruby, Annie, Kip, Gwen and Kasha weren’t far behind nipping at their heels. Was great to see old time friends Jade Ryan, Chantelle Bartolo, Georgina Brooder and Aimee Massie and awesome to check some of the newbies, Jade Perry, Laura Bridle, Gemma, Amar and Sarah!

Many people often question the purpose of holding an All Girls Skateboarding competition, and on the day it always becomes so clear. It’s imperative to the growth of womens skateboarding that younger girls have role models to aspire to, when it comes to empowerment and increasing participation visibility is everything! It was incredible to see so many young tackers encouraged and supported by their community. Girls Skate Australia truely is a family, the only entry requirements being that you skateboard and you’re stoked! We very much look forward to catching up with everyone later in the year and in 2016 at  Daughters of Doom #3 !

Until then, chin up buttercups! Keep Shredding.

Nb* Mass thanks to our Major Sponsor Outsider Skateboards who put down some serious cash in order to back the event, thank you for supporting Women’s Skateboarding!

Additionally,  Theeve Trucks, Vans Shoes, Grundy’s Skate Store, Kuu , Skelter, Social Fisheye’s, Totem Media, Whip Grip and of course Slam Factory !

All images credited to budding writer and skateboarding photographer Tessa Fox


1st Hayley Wilson
2nd Poppy Olsen
3rd. Kat Williams
4th. Nicky Carlin
5th. Aimee Massie
6th. Jade Ryan
7th. Jade Perry
8th. Kelly Annear / Taylor Buchan
9th. Laura Bridle / Gemma
10th. Amar / Sarah
11th. Cantelle Bartolo
12th. Georgina Brooder

UNDER 12’s
1st. Ava Godfrey
2nd. Liv
3rd. Chloe Andrew
4th. Ruby Trew
5th. Annie / Bridget Andrew
6th. Kip / Gwen / Kasha


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