Mission Statement

Girls Skate Australia is not only a collective, it’s a movement, pushing for equality within the skateboarding world by welcoming and encouraging female skateboarders, the fastest growing demographic in action sports. Often misconceived as a men’s sport, skateboarding has and continues to offer a new generation of women a sense of empowerment and individuality.

GSA is here to increase participation of women in skateboarding and provide exposure for women in Australian skateboarding by:

– Empowering women and increasing confidence through skateboarding
– Creating visibility for women with showcases and media outlets
– Fostering collaborative experiences, lifelong friendships and a supportive community

Who we are

Girls Skate Australia is a collective of women skateboarders who make up one of Australia’s largest skateboarding organizations. We runs an array of different events in Australia including skateboarding competitions and clinics. Keep up to date with everything girls skateboarding related here on our website or contact your states representative directly.


Esther Godoy - Founder, National Representative

Frustrated with a lack of exposure for female skateboarders and recognizing a need for change, founder Esther Godoy created GSA, which has since grown to become a linchpin within the skateboarding community. One of the few women in Australian skate history to both receive coverage in skateboarding media and compete internationally, Godoy has a unique perspective on the evolution of the sport.


April Caslick - NSW Representative

April Caslick is a post hardcore bass playing goddess from Newcastle NSW. She has been skateboarding since high school and has since had a string of sponsors, skateboarded in live performances and on screen. April has been a skate coach for 7+ years; Most recently coaching for Playgrounds Park and Girls skate Australia


Kat Williams - SA Representative

Kat started skating 13 years ago and has never looked back. - "Skating is such a positive thing to have in your life in all aspects. Being able to travel around the world and met such incredible and inspiring woman has been awesome. Girls skate Australia is a great way to help the female skateboarding community grow, very excited to be apart of it.". Kat's sheer talent on the board, along with her warm and open energy has pegged her as our point of reference for any ladies looking to shred in South Australia!


Shari Lawson - QLD Representative

Shari Lawson has been skateboarding for 14 years. She rides for Drawing Boards, Skate Sauce, and Sacrifice Industries and is a full-time high school Math and HPE Teacher! Shari runs an array of events and clincis under her business "Skateboarding Queensland", she is a part-time coach and member of the Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative.


Evie Ryder - QLD Co-Representative

Evie has been skateboarding for over 15 years, she provides skateboard coaching to all genders and age groups, her local is Fair Field Skate Park in Brisbane. She has skated nationally in Australia and Internationality including USA, UK, Ireland, NZ and Tahiti. Evie believes skateboarding is about fun, enjoying yourself and progressing at your own paces.


Jared Andrew - TAS Representative, She Shreds Founder

Jared Andrews is the mastermind behind She Shreds Tasmania. Jared / She Shreds runs 3 sessions per week which are free for everyone. Jareds aim is not only to guide young ladies along their skateboarding journey but also to encourage them to be more confident so they can develop skills both mentally and physically which will enable them to tackle anything that life may throw their way. Any female regardless of age can join She Shreds, Jared is our point of reference in Tasmania, and ladies looking to shred can contact him via the link below!


Sophie Williams - WA Representative

Sophie Williams has been skating 8 years and living in Bali for 3 and half. Throughout this time, Sophie worked as a kindergarten and yoga teacher. Sophie is the founder of Girls Skate Indonesia, she puts clinics and contests on for the lady shredders of Indo and ignites visibility for their community. Sophie is parked back in Australia for the time being and is our official WA rep!


Karmen Lee - Graphic Designer

Karmen Lee has been an integral part of the WA skate scene for well over 15 years. As GSA's head designer, Karmen takes care of all of our event artwork and promo material. Karmen has extensive graphic design experience within the skateboarding industry particularly with Momentum Skateshop and GMTA Skateboards. Check out more of Karmens work here: www.hellokarma.com.au

Tessa Fox - Resident Photographer

Tessa Fox is a freelance photographer and writer, with work published in a range of outlets from SBS World News to Slam Magazine. Tessa focuses mainly on hard news in the realm of environment, gender and social issues, she finds her catharsis through skateboarding. Check out more from Tessa Fox on her GSA Blog over here